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Animal shelter in Parque Arlen Siu

If you mention Parque Arlen Siu to anyone in León you are almost guaranteed to get a story of childhood memories  from the park. In the 80′s and early 90′s the park was a popular place for families to come to play, swim in the river and look at the animals in the zoo. Nowadays they will tell you how sad the park is today and that they don’t go there anymore because it is not safe. We all feel the same about the park, and that is why we are trying to make it like it used to be; a nice, clean and safe family park.

The park has a big playground for children, football field, baseball field, a big garden (vivero), a river and a zoo (we choose to call it an animal shelter). All of these facilities in the park are more or less abandoned. There are still around 30-35 animals in the animal shelter that need food and care. 

We are working in the park to make it look better and it that way we hope to attract more people and make it safer. The animals in the shelter have been there for so many years that it is impossible to release them. Many of them are also blind or have other injuries that would make it impossible for them to survive in the wild. We want to make the lives of these animals as comfortable as possible by giving them healthy food and providing them with playful and diverse surroundings, in addition to giving them veterinary care.

The work in the shelter is very much dependant on initiative of individual persons. If you want to work as a voluteer we can help you get in contact with the right people and give you the information you need, but it is necessary to take initiative yourself to make things happen here. We have some experience after being involved for several years in the park and shelter, so we will of course share everything we know with you and help you as much as posible.


To get to Parque Arlen Siu we recommend you to take a taxi. It is about 5-7 min. drive from the city centre of León towards the beach. We recommend you not to go alone, as there has been some robberies in the park, and also not to go there after5 o’clock.