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Children with cancer

APANICASOLE (Asosiación de Padres de Niños con cancer y Sobrevivientes en León) is an organization for parents with children with cancer and survivors of cancer in León. The families that this organization supports live in León or the León area (which is big..), and they do not have one house or place where they gather. It is therefore not possible to work as a volunteer in this project. However, the organization is in great need of financial support and donation of medicines/school equipement etc. 

The money we donate to ASPANICASOLE goes specifically to support the families with transport money to the hospital, food money while they travel, coffins for children who do not survive and medicines. 

The organization also supports survivors of cancer and they therefore need school equipment like books, diccionaries, white boards, markers etc. to give extra teaching to those who struggle in school after being sick.