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Social projects

At The Monkey Republic we are supporting 4 different projects in León. We support these projects by collecting money in our bar and by organizing social events to collect money. We also coordinate volunteer work at these projects. If you are interested in doing volunteer work in León we can help you get in touch with and get started at your preferred project. Some of the projects depend on the season and some of them require that you stay at least a couple of weeks.

Our 4 projects are the following;

La asociacion de Padres con Niños con cancer y Sobrevivientes en León (an organization for children with cancer and survivors of cancer).  It is not possible to work as a volunteer with the children with cancer, as these families are spread around the León area and mostly need financial support for medicine and funerals.

Proyecto Barrilete is an after school project for poor children in León. They come to Barrilete to eat lunch, play, learn and to get support and help with their school assignments. Except for supporting them with funds, we also help them by coordinating volunteer work. Barrilete is a fast-growing project that supports over 200 children, and they are therefore in great need of volunteers and support.

In Parque Arlen Siu we are supporting the animal shelter with food, improving their habitat and living conditions. We are also dedicated to improving the park as a whole by painting, cleaning and cutting gras. By doing this work we are also trying to make the park safer, so that families with children can come to the park again.

The sea turtle hatchery is a turtle egg conservation project in Salinas Grandes. We support with funds and with volunteers. Help the organization by collecting sea turtle eggs on the beach and by guarding the eggs from poachers.

You can combine your vacations in León with volunteering at one of the projects!

Please mail or call us for more information.