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In January this year the hostel the Monkey Republic opened up in León, Nicaragua.

The Monkey Republic is a hostel with a heart, and therefore we have arranged several activities in the hostel to raise money for 4 different social projects in León.

These 4 projects are;

  • The after-school project Barrilete
  • The zoo in the Arlen Siu Park
  • The children with cancer
  • The sea turtle nursery in Isla Juan Venado

This newsletter is made to let all of you who contributed and all other interested know that during the three months (from February to April) that we have organized activities, we collected 930 UDS for our social projects!

From these money 800 USD went to Project Barrilete and the rest was equally divided between the other 3 projects. The reason for this was that one of the activities arranged at the Monkey Republic was specifically to raise money for the Barrilete project. The activity arranged was a ‘game-night’ where some of our students invited other students and friends to play different games like chess and card-games, and all the invited had to pay an entrance fee that went to Barrilete. Thank you so much for you initiative and thanks to all participants! We hope to make this a tradition at the Monkey Republic.

The other activities to raise money for the projects were organized by the Monkey Republic staff. We arranged movie-nights and quiz-nights where 10 cordóbas of the entrance fee went to our projects. This was a great success – thank you so much to all of you who showed up and made these events fun and interesting!

Thank you also for drinking Mojitos and Nica-libres in our bar – 5 cordóbas from each drink went to Barrilete. And Thanks to the students who arranged the ‘Intercambio’-party, where 900 cordóbas from the entrance fees were donated to our projects.

How is the money being spent in the different projects?


This after-school project for some of the poorest children in León was the project that received the most money from us this semester. Since they take care of so many children they have big need for support. This semester was special because their housing situation changed, and therefore they had to spend extra money. The money collected at the Monkey Republic was spent on material for the children, like color pens, paint, paint brushes and paper. Also several volunteers from the hostel have spent a lot of their time with these children to teach, play and talk to them.

If you are not already a member, please join the Facebook group where you can get updated and see more pictures from Barrilete;

The Zoo:

Since January the Zoo has improved a lot thanks to volunteers that has invested no more than their time to help the animals. The cages have been improved with second hand and recycled material. The money collected at the Monkey Republic has been used to buy food for all the animals; At least once a week someone from the Monkey Republic has gone to the zoo to feed them. Also some volunteers from the hostel have helped to wash the cages and hang up toys for the animals. What is needed in the future is someone who can once in a while change the arrangement in the cages, especially for the monkeys as this would stimulate their brains, which is exactly what these animals have been missing their whole life in the Zoo. Also the Zoo depends on money being donated for food and volunteers that will come and feed the animals.

Please join the Facebook page that a group of young Nicaraguan girls made for the Zoo, here you can get updated in Spanish and see pictures;

Photo: Marthe Kalleklev

The Children with Cancer:

Every semester we in the staff at Kulturstudier (A Norwegian company – organize a trip with our students and the children from ‘Organizacion de Padres de familias con niños con cancer’ – an organization for poor families that has children with cancer. We go for one day to the beach in Corinto and each of our students contribute with about 500 cordóbas (around 25 Dollars) to cover the expenses for themselves and the families. The money left over and the money collected at the Monkey Republic goes to the organization – that is right now trying to become a NGO with the help of the money collected. Also the money is spent on treatments for the children, transport to Managua (where many of them get their treatments) and, sadly, for funerals. We will continue to support this organization and hope that they will become a NGO soon – as this will make it easier for them to raise money for their children.

Photo: Marthe Kalleklev

The Sea Turtle nursery:

This project is in cooperation with Green Pathways ( and the community in Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve and Salinas Grandes. The money we collect in the Monkey Republic will support the local volunteers that has committed to the conservation of the Sea Turtles in their area. The volunteers collect the sea turtle eggs during the night after the female sea turtle has laid them at the beach, and they conserve them in a nursery until it’s time for them to hatch. The work they do is incredibly important for the conservation of this endangered species. During this season they collected around 19 000 sea turtle eggs!

Please join Green Pathways Facebook page to get updated on the work they do;

The Monkey Republic would like to thank everybody that has contributed in any way to the projects – it is highly appreciated! We also encourage you to keep supporting projects, either with your presence or with money/material.

For more information about volunteering in Nicaragua, please contact us by e-mail:,

or visit us at or find us on Facebook.

Peace and love,

The Monkey Republic staff

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